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Exploring the effects of Mushroom Hot Chocolate for Relaxation and Sleep

Introduction: What is Mushroom Hot Chocolate?

Firstly, what is mushroom hot chocolate? Don’t worry, it’s’ certainly not a hot drink that tastes like mushrooms!

Mushroom hot chocolate is a nutritional powerhouse that infuses a blend of powerful mushroom extracts whilst maintaining the delicious flavour of hot cocoa. Hot chocolate is often associated with calm & relaxation, so Nutrifize thought that the addition of Reishi mushroom and Lion's Mane mushroom could supercharge your hot chocolate & take it to the next level.


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Potential Benefits of Mushroom Hot Chocolate:

Mushroom hot chocolate offers the ideal fusion of taste with wellbeing. The combination of earth's natural power with the warming comfort of cocoa results in something that not only pleases the palate, but may contribute to immediate relaxation. Some of the potential advantages include:

Stress Reduction: 

Reishi mushrooms are renowned for their adaptogenic properties, studies have suggested that Reishi may assist the brain with stress management by promoting a sense of calm. When combined with the soothing effects of a warm beverage like hot chocolate, it may help alleviate stress levels.

Cognitive Function:

Studies have suggested that Lion's Mane mushrooms have shown promise in potentially supporting cognitive function. Some popular research proposes thatLion's Mane may improve memory and concentration. This can ultimately lead to a better sleep cycle by calming a restless mind.


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What are Reishi & Lion’s Mane mushroom?

Reishi Mushroom:

Upon the most popular in traditional medicine is the Reishi Mushroom. It has risen in popularity, notably within Asian regions due to its perceived properties for boosting immunity, preventing fatigue and calming depression. 

Whilst research remains limited, feedback has led to an increased volume in scientific studies.

Read more about Reishi mushroom here.

Lion's Mane Mushroom:

Lions mane mushrooms are recognisable due to their distinctive shaggy exterior. Similarly to other fungi, lions mane is packed with bioactive compounds that may impact some of the processes within our bodies & our brains. 

Popular research has been carried out to test its impact on neurological illnesses, impact on sleep, depression, digestive illnesses & nerve cell damage.

Read more about Lion’s Mane Mushroom here.

The combined effects of Reishi and Lion's Mane mushrooms with the comforting warmth of hot chocolate may offer a positive step towards relaxation and better sleep quality. Reishi's adaptogenic properties help the body try & adapt to stress, promoting a calm state that contributes to optimum rest. 

Meanwhile, the properties of Lion's Mane may potentially help with supporting cognitive function. This ultimately may lead to a clearer mind, reduction of restlessness and contribution to more consistent sleeping patterns.


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Where to buy mushroom hot chocolate?

This is the easy part. Not only does our Calming Cocoa 3-in-1 superfood blend combine delicious cocoa with Reishi & Lion’s mane, we’ve gone one step further & loaded it with other essential vitamins, minerals, nootropics & adaptogens. 

We personally recommend mixing a teaspoon of Calming Cocoa into a warm mug of your favourite milk. Add a hint of honey & cinnamon to add some festive flavour. 

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