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Top 4 Vitamins for Tiredness

Top 4 Vitamins for Tiredness: Introduction

We’re all tired these days. Whether it’s a busy work schedule, family, friends, children, or anything else, we can often be left with little time for rest. This lack of rest, also known as tiredness or fatigue can lead to side effects such as insomnia, high stress & high blood pressure.

Effective consumption of a nutritious well-balanced diet, organised scheduling & consistent sleep patterns can all play a key factor in combatting tiredness. But many people still don’t realise that our typical lifestyle choices generally do not cover the nutritional needs to avoid fatigue.

A highly effective lifestyle choice that most people are missing is the introduction of vitamins, in this case vitamins for tiredness & fatigue. In this article, we will explore our choice for the top 4 vitamins for tiredness. These vitamins are scientifically proven to help with reducing fatigue & supporting energy levels. From some of their most notable benefits, to recommended daily dosages and primary sources, we'll delve into the key aspects of each vitamin below.

Disclaimer: the vitamins listed below are an essential part of your bodily needs. Nutrition should primarily be from food sources & we do not advise taking supplements as a replacement for food sources, only as an addition.


Top 4 Vitamins for Tiredness & Fatigue


1) Vitamin B12

Benefits of Vitamin B12

One of the most popular Vitamins for tiredness is Vitamin B12. Also identified as Cobalamin, plays a crucial role in the conversion of food into energy. Research has shown Vitamin B12 to be highly important for maintaining functionality of red blood cells & healthy nerve cells. Studies have shown that deficiencies in Vitamin B12 are often linked to fatigue & depressive symptoms.


Recommended Daily Dosage of Vitamin B12

It is recommended that adults in the UK intake approximately 1.5mg (micrograms) of Vitamin B12 each day.


Sources of Vitamin B12 of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is primarily sources from animal based products including fish, meat, eggs & other dairy foods. This has led to suggestions of B12 deficiencies being linked to popular meat & dairy free diets, most notably Veganism. Other suitable non-meat / non-dairy options include fortified cereals & plant based milk alternatives.

Supplements that include Vitamin B12 are a great way to ensure you achieve your recommended Vitamin B12 intake. Look out for our Boosted Berries blend, coming soon.


2) Vitamin D

Benefits of Vitamin D

Commonly known with its links to sunshine, Vitamin D deficiencies are common in the UK due to limited sun exposure. Research has led to suggestions that Vitamin D is crucial for energy levels, bone health & muscle growth. Studies have found that lack of Vitamin D can lead to softening of bones (osteomalacia).


Recommended Daily Dosage of Vitamin D

It is recommended that adults in the UK intake approximately 10mg (micrograms) of Vitamin D each day. Although this is subject to varying factors like age.


Sources of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is regularly linked to sunlight. So next time you’re on holiday, be sure to remember how well you’re looking after your body when you’re sunbathing.

When there is limited sunlight, be sure to load up on Vitamin D essentials like oily fish (mackerel or salmon are great), egg yolks, cereals & orange juice.

If fish, meat, or dairy limit your options, then you can try supplements. Our Boosted Berries Superfood Powder targets reduction of fatigue with the inclusion of essential vitamins like Vitamin D.

You can read more about Vitamin D here.



3) Vitamin C

Benefits of Vitamin C

Whilst Vitamin C is primarily used for it’s immune boosting properties, studies have also linked it heavily as a vitamin for tiredness & fatigue. It is essential for ensuring that our bodies absorb nutrients from plant-based foods.

More recently, a study on Vitamin C had successful concluded that Vitamin C can help restore physical performance. This was concluded by testing the impact of Vitamin C supplementation on adults with long COVID.


Recommended Daily Dosage of Vitamin C

It is recommended that adults in the UK intake approximately 40 milligrams of Vitamin C each day.


Sources of Vitamin C

When it comes to Vitamin C, your best sources are leafy greens & citrus fruits. Load up on oranges, lemons, kale, pineapple & strawberries to keep your Vitamin C game in check.



4) Iron

Benefits of Iron

Okay, we cheated a little bit here. Iron is technically not a vitamin for tiredness, but it is an essential mineral. As we briefly mentioned above, it often forms a great partnership with Vitamin C.

Iron is essential for producing haemoglobin. In more simplistic terms it is essential for the distribution of red blood cells around our bodies. Red blood cells carry oxygen, meaning Iron plays a major role in distributing oxygen around the human body.


Recommended Daily Dosage of Iron

Age and gender play an important factor in the requirement for Iron. It is generally recommended that adult men in the UK intake approximately 8 milligrams, whilst women intake approximately 14 milligrams.

This is generally because women are prone to lose more blood due to menstruation, pregnancy or childbirth.


Sources of Iron

Unlike some of the vitamins mentioned above, Iron can be sourced & applied fairly easily with most modern diets. Animal based sources such as red meat, fish & poultry are packed with Iron. Non-meat options like dried fruits, chickpeas, tofu, lentils & kidney beans are also a great source of Iron too.

As you may have guessed, Nutrifize have you covered with Iron too! But this time with our Calming Cocoa Superfood Powder. We carefully selected Iron to be included within Calming Cocoa as believe that the efficient distribution of oxygen can play an important role in the management of stress & emotional balance.



The importance of lifestyle management shouldn’t be understated when it comes to tiredness & fatigue. Nutrition, sleep cycle, physical exercise & general lifestyle choices play an essential part of this.

But as we can gather from the above, it is important that we get adequate consumption of essential vitamins for tiredness like Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin C & Iron. These vitamins can give us the extra kick we need to keep us going during busy periods.

We always strongly recommend that you incorporate a balanced diet that is rich with some of the foods mentioned above. But where there are deficiencies; take a more in depth look at what Nutrifize Calming Cocoa may do for you.

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