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Why Vegan Hot Chocolate Powder?

Introduction: Why Vegan Hot Chocolate Powder?

A tasty mug of hot chocolate to unwind before bed will forever bring joy & comfort, particularly on cold winter evenings. However, with health consciousness becoming bigger, veganism has spurred more demand for alternatives that align with plant-based lifestyles, whilst still providing that comfort.

Enter vegan hot chocolate powder, better yet enter Calming Cocoa. Not only is Calming Cocoa vegan friendly, it’s packed with vitamins, minerals, nootropics & adaptogens to bring you so much more than a regular cup of vegan hot chocolate powder. Our innovative 3-in-1 superfood powder not only satisfies your taste buds but, puts your personal wellbeing at the forefront.



What Makes It Vegan Hot Chocolate Powder? 

Did you know that traditional hot chocolate, or cocoa powder, often contains milk powder or other dairy derivatives? That makes most commercial hot chocolate unsuitable for people who are following a vegan diet.

Vegan hot chocolate powder substitutes these ingredients with plant-based alternatives. Instead of using cow's milk, it usually employs non-dairy options including almond, coconut, oat, or soy milk. Vegan hot chocolate powder uses raw cocoa powder which avoids the use of any animal by-products, making sure that it has no dairy within.


Health Benefits of Vegan Hot Chocolate Powder

Rich in Antioxidants

Raw cocoa, the primary ingredient in vegan hot chocolate powder, is packed full of powerful antioxidants that contribute to your overall wellbeing. Studies suggest that some of the key compounds in cocoa may help combat oxidative stress(by improving blood flow) & reduce chronic diseases. You can read more about cocoa here.

Mood Regulation

Chocolate is generally renowned for its mood-enhancingqualities, which is generally a combination of its’ delicious flavour & mood regulating compounds. Nutrifize has taken one step further & added in Vitamin B6 (contributes to normal emotional balance) & functional mushrooms like Reishi & Lion’s Mane. Studies suggest that these mushrooms may stimulate mood & stress receptors.


Did you know that around 8% of the UK population are lactose intolerant? That’s almost £5million people! Vegan hot chocolate powder offers these £5million people anopportunity to enjoy the relaxing properties of hot chocolate without stomach irritations & other adverse reactions.

Lower in Saturated Fat

Dairy can often be rich in saturated fat, which makes traditional hot chocolate an easy way to pile on the additional pounds. The use of plant based alternatives within vegan hot chocolate powders can drastically reduce your daily fat intake. Did you know that our vegan-friendly Calming Cocoa blend has just 9 calories per serving?

 Calming Cocoa Superfood Powder

Final Thoughts

Embracing vegan hot chocolate powder ultimately alights with ethical consciousness by avoiding ingredients that are derived by animals. We have shown that this can also offer sizeable health benefits.

Why not transform a daily guilt-conscious pleasure into seamless guilt-free indulgence? Savor every last drop of warmth and satisfaction with our Calming Cocoa superfood blend.

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